The difference between landscape and landscape is small - but the difference between the viewers is large

Landscapes shape all the people and animals that live in it. The artist closes his eyes to the outer world and turns his gaze to the subjective landscapes of his soul. Thoughtless, distracted reading is just like walking in great landscape with blindfolded eyes.

The Rhine - Mainz to Cologne

Lovely vineyards, imposing castles, vast forests and especially the impressive Loreley await you on this stroll along the Rhine Trail from Mainz to Cologne. Enjoy the Rhine Valley with its fantastic views during your tour.

Cologne - authenic metropolis

Cologne is the cultural center of its region in western Germany. The city's landmark is and remains the Gothic cathedral with its two towers. It stands in the rebuilt old town and is famous for its Epiphany shrine and the view over the Rhine.

Navigation on the Rhine

The Rhine is regulated from Lake Constance and can only be used for navigation from Rheinfelden. Between Bingen, Rüdesheim and Koblenz lies the World Heritage Site "Upper Middle Rhine Valley", a unique cultural landscape with an extraordinary wealth of high-ranking monuments.

Blankenheim 1938 until 1949

Historical photographs that now truthfully record for us the signs of the times. Blankenheim in the years of perceived recovery, the calm before the storm, the search for normality and a documentation of a restoration.