360° video documentary


Set yourself apart from the competition with impressive shots, put your services in the spotlight and score points with your customers in a targeted manner. According to a research study by scientist Paul Martin Lester (communications researcher at California State University), we humans remember primarily 80 percent ofvisual messages.

Through 360° videos in the form of a tour, compared to a photo and a normal video, we enable your customers to experience aspatial imagination develop. Let your customers immerse themselves in the atmosphere of your company and your projects.

360° tour through your company targeted project presentation

You want to differentiate yourself from the competition and offer your customers aunique experience offer? With our360° shots you demonstrate an affinity for technology and modernCustomer proximity - both excellent prerequisites for convincing your customers, creating added value and Build long-term customer relationships.

Gladly also realizeinteractive overlayswhich allow a targeted navigation. In the implementation of your wishes and ideas exist for us as an experienced partner  almost no limits. Feel free to contact us and present your project.


Stimulate the imagination of your visitors and present your company and related projects professionally on the Internet.360° panoramas offer the visitor of your website a"virtual" view into your business premises and at the same time the possibility to get information about your offer.

The perfect first impression leads to increased dwell time - on the website as well as when reminiscing. In conjunction with the Schneifeldrohne we carry out professional productions of360° degree photos atFloor and in the Airoff.

Without detours 360° Degree panorama

Purchasing decisions have changed massively in recent years. Hotels, restaurants or vacation homes are not simply booked, but researched and selected specifically.

If at the exact moment you are gathering information with high quality360° panoramas and360° virtual tours convince, you can win the customer over. In the right place at the right time!The first impression counts!

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Super / Normal 8 mm films

high resolution HD film scanning with 1920x1080 pixels

Use of professional telecin equipment

Automatic and manual color and brightness correction

Dry cleaning


MPEG4 movie files for PC, Blu-ray player or DVD movie with navigation menu incl. movie title


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