The 70s

Wild, colorful, fascinating, rich in historical events and unique in style

Not everyone agreed with the politics in the Federal Republic. Right at the beginning of the 1970s, the left-wing extremist terrorist organization Red Army Faction was founded, which did not even shy away from murder. Meanwhile, in the GDR, head of government Walter Ulbricht was ousted, and the crown prince Erich Honecker was initially a hope for more liberal conditions in the country. A mistake. In spite of all politics, Germany won the World Cup again, and in the world of music, the early death of Elvis was a shock, not only to his fans. The world mourned, but also because "The Beatles" had separated.

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A parked family car can be intelligently placed at the roadside, surrounded by friendly faces and become an absolute photo motif. Since time immemorial, Germans have always loved their cars.