The 80s

Affairs - Protests - Fall of the Wall

Hitler's diaries, the Barschel affair, the casino scandal in Lower Saxony. The '80s stirred up a lot of media and political dust. Opposition to nuclear power grows, tens of thousands demonstrate. In 1980, the Green Party is founded as the party-political arm of the environmental and anti-nuclear movement. In 1986, a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl goes out of control and explodes. A radioactive cloud drifts over large parts of Europe.

The first CeBIT computer trade fair opens in Hanover. Digital computers are increasingly becoming part of many people's everyday lives. In Eastern Europe, the signs point to change. Mikhail Gorbachev introduces fundamental reforms that lead to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and make the fall of the Berlin Wall possible in 1989.

Fiat 500 - a small one mobilizes the masses

Mediterranean flair - Italian weeks on German roads. A little runabout conquers the hearts of German drivers and spreads vacation feelings on German roads even on rainy days.