The 40s

Wartime - A Continent in Ruins

The first half of the 1940s saw the darkest chapter in German history, World War II, which cost the lives of more than 50 million people. In post-war Germany, the task in the mid-1940s is to strengthen the young democracy. Independent media like "Spiegel", "Stern" and the German Press Agency see themselves committed to objective news and diversity of opinion. But "one" Germany will not exist for the time being. In the Soviet occupation zone, the ideas of democratization in postwar Germany look different from those of the Western powers. When the SPD and KPD united to form the SED, the path to the founding of the GDR as a separate state became increasingly clear.

Soldiers at the front - nowhere safe

But that looks cold - and I'm sure it was! Four-man squadron in open field tries in vain to hold the position. Not only the weapons, but also the nerves were at the limit.

Home leave in the troop

Also a part of reality! Comrades from the same battalion try to distract themselves from the impressions and impressions experienced together in front of the cathedral in Cologne.