Super / Normal 8 mm films

What is the difference between Normal 8 and Super 8?

Normal 8 and Super 8mm films are two very similar film formats. Of course, both use a film strip that is 8mm wide. The main difference is mainly in the use of the film area. The newer Super 8 format uses the film area more efficiently due to the optimized perforation, which is the positioning of the holes on the side. As a result, Super 8 also delivers better image quality than Normal 8.

The distinction between the two formats is best seen based on the perforation. Super 8 has smaller perforations, which are longer along the film surface. Normal 8 has a larger perforation - it runs across the film surface and is longer. Also, the perforation in Super 8 is centrally located next to the captured frame. In Normal 8, the perforation is located exactly between two still images.

Regardless of their technical characteristics, these formats combine the goal of capturing unforgettable moments and emotions - memories that are destined for eternity through appropriate digitization measures.

Why should I digitize my Super/Normal 8?

As with all other analog media, the life of Super/Normal 8 mm film is limited. A variety of factors exist that must be considered with Super/Normal 8:

Your recordings are available for a limited time "durable". Film is generally a very durable medium, but only under optimal conditions, constant low temperature and humidity! Especially mold infestation we see relatively often, whereby this can often lead to irreparable damage and image errors up to the destruction of the image content. Better take care of a digitization in time, before it is too late - here every year counts.

Most of the time you don't have the right playback equipment or the projector is defective. Faulty equipment can even destroy aged films by their mechanics. Save unique recordings so that you can continue to watch them.

Digitizing on your own is feasible, but time-consuming. You need the appropriate equipment for this,technical know-how,Skill and above allPatience. Safe procedure saves the material without damaging it.

Digitally stored your recordings are actuallysafe forever. The data can be copied countless times and stored in various places (back-up, cloud, external hard drive) and thus backed up many times.

Digitize 8 mm films yourself? Or would you rather go to a professional?

You can digitize Super/Normal 8 mm fills yourself. In most cases, however, this is difficult to implement. First you need a film projector that is still functional. With it, you can project the film onto a screen and film from there. However, the quality of such a device is unsatisfactory. There are devices with built-in sensor, the purchase prices are expensive and the handling is usually not easy.

Setting all this up is time consuming and expensive. We have goodtechnical know-how. In addition, depending on the quantity, the digitization of Super/Normal 8 also requiresseveral hours to days. As a rule, films can only ever be transferred in real time. As an additional service we can alsodigital optimization of your videos by hand, provided thatmeaningful andpossible.

How long does digitization take?

As a rule we neednot longer than two weeksuntil you get your treasures back. For larger orders, however, the processing time may be slightly longer. If you have a preferred date, then please let us know.

You can bring your Normal 8 films to us personally. This way you can make sure that nothing happens to your treasures. But you can also choose the convenient way by mail.

By default, we deliver the digitized videos in theMP4 format back. In the MP4 format in which we deliver your films, about 4 to 8 gigabytes (GB) of storage space is required for one hour of digitized Normal 8 films. We always digitize Super/Normal 8 films in the following formatsFull HD resolution. If desired, we can then also perform a digital optimization of the material.

How much does it cost to have Super/Normal 8 digitized? How does the process work?

The cost of digitizing Super/Normal 8 film depends mainly on the quantity. TheCalculation takes placeper minute. From 100 minutes of footage you get from usQuantity discount. Delivery via download is free of charge, you will also receive your recording on a medium of your choice.

Your goal in four steps: make an appointment, place an order, hand over the film material and receive the result. Enclosed you will find an overview of our range of services - you can put everything together according to your ideas.

Service package Super / Normal 8 mm films

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Super / Normal 8 mm films

high resolution HD film scanning with 1920x1080 pixels

Use of professional telecin equipment

Automatic and manual color and brightness correction

Dry cleaning


MPEG4 movie files for PC, Blu-ray player or DVD movie with navigation menu incl. movie title


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