Formats like VHS (VHS C - DV - Hi 8)

Have your VHS tapes professionally dubbed

Memories shape us - for a while we recorded these moments on VHS. They are wonderful recordings and unique memories of earlier days. Today, however, not everyone has a VCR to gently play VHS tapes while watching them. And unfortunately, VHS also have a limited lifespan. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to have your VHS tapes digitized.

Why should I digitize my VHS?

As with all other analog media, the life of VHS is limited. What factors should be considered with VHS?

Your recordings are available for a limited time "durable". Depending on the medium and storage type, your recordings areonly 20-40 years secured, after which they may already be unusable.

Climatic conditions are a major problem. Old analog media are sensitive to moisture and temperature fluctuations. These affect the material and accelerate the natural aging process that takes place in any case until the cassettes are eventually no longer playable.

Your recordings can be made throughForeign magnetization during storage or by theEarth Magnetism fade. This affects the quality and can even lead to the loss of your recordings. Digitizing isNo easy task. For this you need the appropriate equipment,technical know-how,Skill and above allPatience. If you do it wrong, you can even damage the material.

Digitally stored your recordings are actuallysafe forever. The data can be copied countless times and stored in various places (back-up, cloud, external hard drive) and thus backed up many times.

Digitize VHS yourself? Or would you rather go to a professional?

There are a few aspects to consider when digitizing VHS: First, you need a video recorder that is still functional. In order to be able to transfer your tapes to your PC, you will also need aAnalog to digital converter. In addition, you also need suitable software on your PC to be able to record analog videos. The setup and equipment quickly cost hundreds of euros. Furthermore, depending on the quantity, digitizing VHS can take several hours or even days. Videos can only be transferred in real time.

We can offer digitization at prices thatmore cost effective than purchasing your own equipment. You get your solution very quickly and without long trial and error with different devices and programs. You do not have any effort yourself. If necessary, we can also offer you digital optimization of your videos.

How much does it cost to have VHS tapes digitized? What does the process look like?

In terms of VHS, we can actually digitize almost anything: VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C as well as S-VHS-C. VHS. We always digitize cassettes in themaximum resolution. That means in a resolution that corresponds to the display performance of the VHS magnetic tape. As a rule, we do not need more than two weeks until you get your treasures back.

Please feel free to make an appointment and we will coordinate your project together according to your ideas.

Service package VHS-VHS-C-DV-Hi8

Service overview and prices

LeistungenCassette in minutesPrice

VHS - VHS C - DV - Hi 8

Frame by frame film scanning with
720x576 pixel (corresponds to TV resolution)

Use of professional video recorders

Audio track transfer

Deinterlacing to remove the comb-like fraying typical of video film in moving picture elements.

automatic color and brightness correction

Film sharpening to bring out image details


MPEG2 movie files for further processing on PC



22,50 €


39,50 €


53,50 €


74,50 €


89,50 €


99,50 €

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