The quality of your goals determines the quality of your future

No one can guarantee that you will reach a goal in a certain amount of time. But you are guaranteed never to reach a goal you never set for yourself. Photography is sport. Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Only those who know their goal will find the way.


For many people, the motto is: "Football is our life, because King Football rules the world." The most beautiful minor matter in the world can be found in these impressive shots of bygone days full of emotion.

Motorboat regatta

See here footage of the motorboat regatta at the Cologne Grand Prix on Lake Deckstein. In this motorboat race on the Cologne waters, the local heroes are right up front.

Horse racing

The Cologne racecourse is famous worldwide in equestrian sports, because some important races are held here. These include Germany's biggest international race, the Prize of Europe, and Germany's oldest race, the Oppenheim Union Race, which has been held since 1834 (in Cologne since 1947).

Bike race

Enjoy beautiful pictures of the road championship for professional drivers from the year 1958. The road race with over 245 km through the Rhineland metropolis of Cologne and its surrounding area took place for the first time in 1908 and is thus the oldest German road race still in existence.