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Due to age or unfavorable storage, cherished old photographs very often show damage. However, we usually manage to save your old photos by means of expert digital retouching techniques and then restore them to their former glory with new life. Before the times of digital photography, we still retouched pictures by hand, so we have professional and fundamental expertise in retouching old pictures.

You want to refurbish old photographs? You have the desire to save valuable photos and the priceless memories associated with them?

As a picture and photo restorer, I strive for perfection and work in a highly professional manner so that you can continue to enjoy your old photos. As a passionate photographer, I focus on the sentimental value of cherished photographs that are full of emotion. In order to keep your old pictures alive and bring them to new life, we are fully committed to the preservation and restoration of old photos, and we will dedicate a great deal of expertise and attention to detail to your pictures.

Everything from a single source to the perfect finishing through the meticulous use of digital image processing, which is always oriented to the individual ideas of the customer. We edit photos according to your wishes - the copying in of people, a change of background, the change of colors as well as the targeted image interpretation are part of our repertoire - I will be happy to advise you regarding your ideas.

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