Photography - capture old memories - create new memories digitally

When your offspring gets their first teeth, smiles for the first time or tries to walk for the first time, these are and remain irretrievable moments. The own wedding, the dream vacation, the company anniversary or the communion - unique, such a thing does not come back.

In the course of technological development, the transition from classic analog (silver) photography to digital photography gradually took place at the beginning of the 21st century. When taking photos, we attach great importance to the most perfect image composition possible, because a good photo is one that you look at for longer than a second.

360° video documentary

An individual virtual tour creates maximum flexibility and functionality for you. Combine 360° shots with images, videos and information or link elements of the virtual tour directly to content on your website. There are hardly any limits to the possibilities.

Before each shooting, there will be an intensive discussion in which we will match your individual wishes with the technical implementation in order to be able to develop the ideal concept for your exclusive virtual tour.

Animal photography

We shoot your darlings in the most diverse locations. Of course, we also shoot in the great outdoors, whether in the forest or in beautiful summer meadows or at a body of water.

Take a little time and browse through our galleries. Maybe you have a big or small fur noses that you would like to have photographed.

As experienced nature photographers, we will guide you through local countryside. Nature motifs can be found everywhere around you - we will help you photograph animals, landscapes or plant macros.

Event photography

Thanks to modern technology, many years of experience and a comprehensive repertoire of solutions, we can offer you individual solutions for your wishes - your event at a professionally high level. Whether concert, wedding party or sporting event, with us you get the perfect recordings for your event.

Together we ensure optimal images and a professional cut with optimal color and image correction. This way, your event and event film will be a real eye-catcher that you will remember fondly for years to come. With our very long experience in wedding photography, we can offer you a comprehensive service.

Follow-up and fine tuning

After the development of the photos we continue with the image processing. Every single image we want to post-process as well as possible, especially when it comes to your wedding photos, for example. Over time, we have created a routine that each image goes through.

Based on my past experience, I already know that my photos fit the way I see them on my monitor as part of my workflow. Even when I print them myself or have them professionally printed.

"Who can see, can also photograph. Learning to see, however, can take time. " -Leica-

Service package

Service overview and prices

LeistungenCoil in cmTime in minutesPrice

Super / Normal 8 mm films

high resolution HD film scanning with 1920x1080 pixels

Use of professional telecin equipment

Automatic and manual color and brightness correction

Dry cleaning


MPEG4 movie files for PC, Blu-ray player or DVD movie with navigation menu incl. movie title


Film roll

25,00 €

Film roll

55,00 €

Film roll

95,00 €

Film roll

Price on demand

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