Photo Color Optimization

Contemporary photographic art - photography from the pioneering days

Over time, old color photos tend to fade. We want to enable you to keep yourFavorite Moments from the days before digital photographyrevive. With our photo color optimization therealistic colorsrestored. In addition, our photo color optimization sharpens the original photos and improves theirLevel of detail. Your original photo will of course be preserved and we will provide you with ourResult as separate copy before.

Color restoration beautifully restores the colors in faded color photos. Unlike colorization, which simulates colors from black-and-white photos, thenew function for color restoration ideal for restoring scanned photos from the 50s to the 90s that were originally taken in color but have faded over the years.

Color optimizations take placeWithout reference, according to feeling and experience. Thus we produceindividual resultssince everyone has a different perception for brightness and contrast.

What is photo color optimization?

This is asubsequent processing about theBrightnessand of theContrast. When looking closely at the motif, it must be decided whether changes will affect theIncrease performing quality. The question remains, how well can you recognize the subject and its material?

In order to understand the meaning of color optimization, it should be understood in advance how an image is actually created? Why does a white product with little exposure look gray in a photo? These are questions that we will be happy to clarify with you.


Color and brightness

The quality of the image is largely determined by the availableAmbient light determined. The more light in the form of uniformIlluminationis present, the more information can be transmitted. Conversely, this means that when photographing with little light, it is more difficult toHigh quality images  to take up.

Due to the fact that the possibilities for illumination are sometimes limited, especially when photographing at home, shots can be made by atargetedColor optimizationbe balanced.

Brightness and contrast - Tone correction

The term color optimization describes the modularCombinationof different processes with theDestinationtheImprovementthe representation. These editing steps can be performed using various tools within Photoshop or any other image editing program .

Thanks to the color optimization, it is possible to enhance images for the online store - especially when there is no possibility to use aprofessionalequipped photo studio to use. TheEffectfor the customers will in any casenoticeablebe, because theImagesactprofessionaland the customer can better perceive the appearance of the product.

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