Animal photography

Pure memory - connection in pictures

Animals accompany us throughout life in many situations and moments. They are friends, helpers and more diverse than we humans will often be. Their connection with nature has helped you to constantly evolve and survive all these years since their creation.

Do you also have theDear andFascination to animals from their parents in the cradle? Common fascination can be created through our recordings. Their memories are our Aufmahmen captured forever. Or perhaps you would like to see your faithful companion in the same light?

Nature photography - space for all

Just as diverse as the animal world, so is our planet. Every day, the most diverse landscapes are bathed in new light and weather -...all seasons. All these things give the world a differentAppearance.

Be enchanted by countless shots in the field of animal photography. Pets explore nature and wild animals roam their habitats all over the world. We are happy to help you with this,exceptional nature experiences to collect.

Into the Wild - calm and serene

It is for us a misson thatAnimal photography and theNature photography inHarmony to bring. Whether small or large, we are on the spot. Especially in the Schneifel we know the locations that are really Prima suitable for a shoot.

If the nature of the animal allows it, shootings are organized exclusively in nature. Nature offers at any time of the yearunique colors andLights, which allow each animal to come to the fore in its own way.

Your individual shooting for you and your darling

No matter if it is a longer ride with your own horse to the sunrise, or a full day hiking tour through the mountain landscape with your dog.

You can add your own wishes and suggestions to theProject shooting contribute at any time and we will make sure that you remember this day with a smile every time. If desired, we will take care of the location search and/or the planning of the day to make theperfect light forperfect moments guarantee.


Service package

Service overview and prices

LeistungenCoil in cmTime in minutesPrice

Super / Normal 8 mm films

high resolution HD film scanning with 1920x1080 pixels

Use of professional telecin equipment

Automatic and manual color and brightness correction

Dry cleaning


MPEG4 movie files for PC, Blu-ray player or DVD movie with navigation menu incl. movie title


Film roll

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Film roll

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Film roll

95,00 €

Film roll

Price on demand

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